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 Daichi Sasaki

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PostSubject: Daichi Sasaki   Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:45 pm

full name: Daichi Sasaki
nickname: Daichi, Chi
pronounced: dye-chee
title(s): Great Wisdom, Great Land (dai = great, chi = tree & wisdom)
gender: male
age: 19
blood type: unknown
height: 6"7
weight: 190lb

race: human / orc
skin tone: tan (human), brown (orc)
eye color: brown
hair color: brown
hair style: bangs covers his eyes
markings/scars/ tattoos: green skull tattoo on chest


accessories: glasses
clothes: green outfit
weapons: sword


personality: he is really smart .. also very quiet

weakness: fire element
strengths: intelligence -- he is very smart
job/work: servant of Kumori
interests: reading
dislikes: royal kingdom
friends: none
enemies: royal kingdom
other: n/a
power: magic
shifter?: yes
into: orc
word color: brown
skills/talents: being smart
family: brother (Daiku)
mental problems: none
physical problems: none

additions/ end comments: he has been posessed by Kumori so he follows her every word, and unlike his brother, he is fully posessed

birth place: unknown
good or evil: evil

(image of character)

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Daichi Sasaki
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