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 Kumori Nihon-Kanahebi Hayashi

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PostSubject: Kumori Nihon-Kanahebi Hayashi   Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:52 pm

full name: Kumori Nihon-Kanahebi Hayashi
nickname: Hayashi-sama (servants call her that, because she is greatly respected), Nihon-Kanahebi
pronounced: first name: koo-more-ee .. middle name: nee-hon kah-nah-heh-be
title(s): Shadow Snake (translation to name), Evil Snake Lord
gender: female
age: unknown
blood type: unknown
height: 5"5
weight: 135lb

race: humal (human, lizard)
skin tone: pale in human form, green in lizard form
eye color: brown in human form (may turn red if really mad), green in lizard form
hair color: green
hair style: long, curly
markings/scars/ tattoos: トカゲ (translation: lizard) tattoo on her left leg


(when in human form)
accessories: glowing green pendant that contains evil lizard spirit
clothes: green dress
weapons: evil lizard spirit can come out at any time.. lizard form: fangs and claws, which are both poisonous.. also has staff of earth (to control earth element)


personality: very mean and cruel. if her servants does something wrong, she might spazz out and might even kill them

weakness: she can't be near reptiles or else she will turn into her lizard form automatically
strengths: earth element
job/work: ruling a kingdom
interests: being evil
dislikes: her enemies
friends: no one
enemies: the royal kingdom (Kitty)
other: when in human form, you can't tell that she's Kumori
power: has control over the earth elment
shifter?: yes
into: lizard
word color: lime
skills/talents: killing
family: unknown
mental problems: might throw temper tantrums sometimes
physical problems: none

additions/ end comments: she is the ruler of the earth kingdom, and wants to destroy the royal kingdom.

birth place: unknown
good or evil: evil

(image of character)
lizard form (might creep you out a little..)

human form (evil lizard spirit is coming out of pendant)

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Posts : 158
Join date : 2009-08-26
Age : 22
Location : in my house

PostSubject: re   Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:52 pm

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Kumori Nihon-Kanahebi Hayashi
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